Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Presenting the "Beimbacher Reichskreis" of 1720

Click for a better view - it is a fairly big picture!
Complete with Reichkreis standard carried by the various State contingents alongside their own.  Place names have yet to be added as have roads etc but I have made a start on the position of towns and cities along with the internal boundaries.  The Prince Archbishop of Dirlewitz domain will be the land-locked territory surrounded by the other States.

Veterans will notice that the boundaries are very similar to the original B-S map albeit with some logical alterations.

Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Online - at last!

"If one was to insert an engraving in yon instrument would it's semblance appear in the frame?"
To my joy, finally I located all the cables and paraphernalia associated with modern computing and can now scan and edit jpegs once more!

Following in the next weeks the expanded (and subtly altered) scope of my imaginary region.

This will comprise four or five states in the "Beimbacher Reichskreis" located in modern day Slovenia/Bosnia/Croatia.  The emphasis will remain on the war with the dastardly Turk.  However the new structure enables me to field a wider range of units and thus not get bored with the assembly and painting of the little men.

I think I will stick with the 1720-40 period for starters although the new Perry American Revolution plastics I received today scream out for attention!  They are certainly going to form the core of the mid C18 armies.

I hope the work proves enjoyable for anyone still watching...