Saturday, 23 November 2013

Pissing into the wind!

"Oops a daisy!"

Recently, life at Schloss Krautheim has been exceedingly stressful.  Poor quality building requiring remedial work and the usual misery of rearing a brood of unruly children takes a great toll.

That said, I have been countering stress insomnia with thoughts of this project and the direction I wish it to take.

The latest and (in my opinion) most entertaining solution is to construct a "Kreisheer" comprising regiments from the five States.  This should provide variety and a more colourful spectacle.

Budgetary constraints have forced me to construct a back-engineered prototype figure to be used as a Saßenland or Dirlewitz musketeer.  All being well I will reveal him in the next few days. As I will need no more than 48 of these, I feel the task should be practical to achieve once a production line is set up.

Hopefully, I will soon manage to devote the time I wish to this project and stop feeling as if it is one step forward and two back!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Not slacking - honest!

If only my life was such fun!

Things have been pretty hectic here at Schloss Krautheim.  Having recently moved home we are engaged in combat on multiple fronts to get people to fulfil their various legal obligations.  Sometimes it makes one wish to jump in front of a carriage!

That being said, the 1720/40 project rolls on, albeit retarded by the domestic situation.  The armies are massing ready for conversion, basing and PAINT!  The map is progressing nicely.  Plus the "Grenzwachtturm" design nears fruition.

Finally, a redisign of some elements of the blog will be required as more than one Nation will soon be included.  Next up is the "Prince Archbishopric of Dirlewitz", a small but influential neighbour ruled over by a somewhat jaded member of the clergy.

More to follow.