Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"It's alive!" - well almost...

After an horrendous pause, I am pleased to say the Chronicles are once again going to become active.  I have moved home and have more space (hopefully soon to be matched with more time) to devote to my ImagiNation.

"Egad! It lives!"

The map is in the the process of being redrawn.  The background has been expanded with three new Allied States.  The figures are almost ready for painting.

So hopefully all should be "go" in the near future!

Stay tuned...


  1. Great to have you back.I really look forward to your postings and to hear your plans ,ideas and about the new allied states!

  2. Opphs I forgot to ask ,which time period/periods are you concentrating upon first?

  3. I'm looking forward to more, sir. Don't wait too long to post again.

    -- Jeff

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I am going to concentrate on the period 1720-40. My chaps will be in somewhat anachronistic gear and look a bit "Marlburian" but as their enemy is the Turk I am sure they will acquit themsleves well!

  5. Real life problems and kids tend to eat into ones' creativity! Now to get that new map finished and uploaded. The Prince Archbishop of Dirlewitz will feature heavily...