Saturday, 23 November 2013

Pissing into the wind!

"Oops a daisy!"

Recently, life at Schloss Krautheim has been exceedingly stressful.  Poor quality building requiring remedial work and the usual misery of rearing a brood of unruly children takes a great toll.

That said, I have been countering stress insomnia with thoughts of this project and the direction I wish it to take.

The latest and (in my opinion) most entertaining solution is to construct a "Kreisheer" comprising regiments from the five States.  This should provide variety and a more colourful spectacle.

Budgetary constraints have forced me to construct a back-engineered prototype figure to be used as a Saßenland or Dirlewitz musketeer.  All being well I will reveal him in the next few days. As I will need no more than 48 of these, I feel the task should be practical to achieve once a production line is set up.

Hopefully, I will soon manage to devote the time I wish to this project and stop feeling as if it is one step forward and two back!


  1. Looking eagerly forward to discover your achievements!

  2. Me too!
    I hope things work out soon for you and yours...

  3. Thanks gentlemen, still working on the blog at the moment. Yet another new puppy is taking up a lot of time...

    Hopefully the new layout (when finished) will be easy to navigate.