Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Die Volksschutzmann kommt!

Working the 1813 "Befreiungskrieg" theme, I decided I needed a LOT of Landwehr style fellas.  As an unabashed cheapskate, the IKEA box full of Warlord plastics appealed.

However, rather than just paint them in an alternative colour scheme, I decided an head swap would help to lift them from mediocrity.  Now I have a use for all those spares wearing Russian shako!

Reichskreis Volksschutzmann.

Ten minutes with the power drill, toolkit and a dab of Squadron putty smoothed with Testors cement enabled a workable solution.  I am especially pleased that I have found a use for those rather poor Prussians!  When I am in "full production" I reckon I will use Milliput rather than the aggressive and smelly solvents.

Finally, the song of the Peoples' army (please excuse any grammar errors, my German is basic!  Please feel free to highlight my mistakes!)

Die Straße frei der Volksarmee! 
Offene Tore für die Volksschutzmann! 
Wir folgen dem leuchtenden hoffnungs fahne, 
Der Tag der Freiheit und Freude bricht an!

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