Monday, 7 February 2011

Fortification problems

Reworked bastion minus gun ports.
Last weekend I got almost nothing done - very annoying as I had plans.  In my defence this wasn't due to pure indolence - my wedding anniversary and various other family matters intervened.

Having reworked the Fauxban fort's battlements and decided upon exotic gunports, I realised the project was simply too complex.  Not in terms of my competence (as I have built many far more detailed items in the past) but rather simply too large to be practical.  Thus the structure will be shelved, albeit reluctantly, for the foreseeable future.

Exotic "Indian" apertures.
Although given my current circumstances the first incarnation is too ambitious, a more modest version will work.  I have already collected the resources and done my mental planning.  Fort Kalypso will now be more akin to a local guard tower and will be much easier to stow away.

Using Osprey's "Indian Castles 1206-1526" for inspiration, I have decided that the structures will resemble a native stronghold with European additions.  Hopefully this will create an interesting building.  I will use my tried and tested "Oasis and Styrofoam" method which has proven most effective in the past.

The inspiration, still attractive though less imposing!
This will be documented as the method is (as far as I know) unique and people may well wish to employ it themselves.

On another topic, after 11 days I am still awaiting delivery of my small trial order from Redoubt Enterprises.  Rather annoying as this is taking longer than a simultaneous Trans-Atlantic trade I organised.  I had a potentially bright idea for "Sepoys" and had hoped Redoubt would be the solution but if this is typical of their turnover time I may reconsider.

Redoubt FIW Provincial.
Talking of Redoubt, I was very interested in one of their FIW figures, namely a "Provincial Marching".  I was seriously considering this fellow for the Colonial Infantry (even the European!) but I am concerned about a couple of things.  Firstly, he has no bayonet attached and this looks a little odd when mixed into an army of spike wielders.  Secondly (and more importantly) he appears to have very short arms.   If this is the case it would be a little weird as the rest of the FIW range is nicely proportioned - unlike the dreadful American Revolution figures.  I hope the stunty limbs are merely an optical illusion - perhaps my requested sample will clarify matters.

Well, enough rambling time to get chopping.


  1. While not keep with the 'Tories' of the previous post? Of all the examples shown they are the ones looking most fitting for 'hot' environment -and the most 'exotic' in their costume, potentially the most colorful.
    If their drummer is the only problem... well, why not using a drummer from another range and even manufacturer? In the British army at least -thus you have your historical precedent- drummers not only wore an uniform of their own (with false sleeves &c...) but a *hat* different from that of the troops. So any drummer in tricorne would fit (ideally, a Russian in summer dress, in waistcoat, to be 'adapted' to the local climate); but indeed even a WLA / WSS drummer in slouched hat, or a GNW drummer in pokalem or karpus or French dismounted dragoon in fatigue cap would be acceptable.
    As for the difference of size / sculpting style, it's far less noticeable for a musician than when you mix *soldiers* from different ranges. You can always satisfy yourself by supposing he is a rather young boy, for instance...

  2. The Tories are very nice and they along with the Marine remain favourites.

    My problem is a little deeper than just which to buy as Colonials... I will elaborate.

    After months of fighting with the people at Northstar my Crusader miniatures now prompt feelings of misery when I look at them. They are lovely figures but I cannot help but associate them with the miserable epic it took to get them.

    Perhaps this is crazy, perhaps it is understandable but I am seriously considering reselling them and buying something "different".

    In this vein the Redoubt guy looked interesting. On the other hand there are a couple of splendid fellows in the Front Rank range (hidden away) that would really fit the bill neatly.

    I wish I could sort it all out as I have my paints and brush poised for action!

  3. No alternate source of Crusader minis?

    The Redoubt ones have the repute to be far larger than most other ranges.

    Now, what about Black Scorpion 'Marines'? Their shortened coat would make them fitting for a 'hot' climate. Der Alte Fritz used them for the 'regulars' of Milady de Winter's Black Legion

  4. I will check those Marines pronto.

    They sound rather interesting.

    Indeed the Redoubt fellas are supposed to be giants but perhaps they could be a Potsdam Giant style regiment!

    I will keep my mind open until my sample is here...

    By then I will again have grown a Magnum PI moustache!

  5. Black Scorpion - Nice figures but too animated for me.

    I was considering the OG "Royal Marines" a while back - they look quite spiffy but I want only the advancing guys!

  6. And none other than the 'Tories' sport these feathered slouched hats full of 'colorful exoticism' potential!