Thursday, 3 February 2011

Colonial ideas

A distinctly "Oriental" aperture.
It's been a difficult couple of days here at Schloss Krautheim.  The lady wife was hospitalised and "Daddy day care" has not allowed for much model-making time.  "What about the Domestics?" I hear you cry!  Sadly these were released from servitude a long time back...  Thankfully, all seems well on the health-front - but appendages are still crossed - ouch!

I have been doing a bit of research during the evenings and decided to work a couple of fresh ideas into "Fort Kalypso".  Firstly, the walkway battlements are getting a re-do.  I have decided to model these with "Indian" apertures instead of the "Fauxban" gun ports.   I have used a prototype from Fort Golkonda  as inspiration and the cannon ports will be reworked later today.

Fort Golkonda - Hyderabad.
In addition I am toying with the idea of a simplified version of the fantastic multi-faceted tower (left) as my main bastion.  This may be short-lived as that is a pretty ornate structure.  The alternative involves some rather splendid domes and will display Islamic influence - probably a better choice considering the Colony's location.

A couple of Tories and a Continental Marine.
When it comes to the troops, I fancy something decidedly C18 but "different".  Looking around and about I once again found myself at Front Rank.

They have some interesting "Slouch Hat" wearers in the American Revolution range.  The Continental Marine and Provincial Infantry are contenders.  I favour the latter for their natty plumes but the webbing for the British backpack is a real turn-off.  To me it makes them look, well, too British!  Perhaps someone can tell me if there were similar items in service with other States' armies during this period?  If there was precedent I would almost certainly go for the Tories as they look so good!  Also, they sport a bayonet and it is well known that "Johnny Native" is always scared off by cold steel!  Apparently "They don't like it up 'em".

I will get some more pictures of the Fort posted ASAP.


  1. Indeed the 'Tories' look more 'exotic'! Specially if combining a white hat with red (or other brightly colored) plumes.
    The Vatican Swiss Guards morion double feathers follow a code like: troop vermilion, sergeant red-purple, officers: white (light blue here, for contrast?) drummers 1 feather yellow 1 black....

  2. If you are following historical principles for your Indies European troops then just stick with European uniforms pre the real time 1780s. My research and discussing this in great detail with GWZ has led me to this conclusion.

  3. I think the "floppy" hat is a compromise that has historical precedent.

    In the FIW and AmRev troops wore either purpose made floppies or converted tricorns to said.

    Sadly those lovely Tories have only a 100% British looking drummer with all that arm lace. I think it would be a bugger to remove so I may well have to rethink.

    Abdul, I like the idea of the flashy feathers - very attractive.