Thursday, 10 February 2011

Progress - at last!

If only I had such an assistant!
Despite a family tragedy last week, I feel my project is finally making some great strides.

The new fortress has been "hewn from the living rock" (make that Oasis!) and is presently drying in the airing cupboard.  My Sepoy problem seems to have a solution on the horizon.  Finally, my ongoing quandary about Beimbach-Schönau's coats has been resolved.

In the near future I will post the first of the "How-to" articles regarding the new fort.

I ordered some Victrix/Renedra plastic 40x40mm bases and will be using the "Black Powder" rules system. I received the tome as an anniversary gift and it is pretty impressive.  However it could do with a few more C18 illustrations for all us lace enthusiasts.

On the down side, I am still waiting for the Redoubt order and had a few difficulties with Front Rank - the latter appear to be happily resolved but Redoubt remains an annoyance.  Two weeks and no goods - it's just not on these days especially when one considers it is a UK-UK order.

At the moment I am feeling quite unwell but with some luck, the blog should soon have a good deal of interesting new posts.  Including a couple of figure reviews and perhaps a dog comparison also!

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