Sunday, 5 December 2010

Freiherr von Heßlingshof - Pinning and Putty

Looking a bit like Donald Sutherland.
Shortly after taking the photos last night, I drilled the components and inserted various pins and pegs.  These are essential when converting metal castings as otherwise you are liable to suffer from a multitude of disastrous accidents.

I retained the nice bow on the neck of the Front Rank figure and I have counter-sunk this into the shoulders of the Crusader casting.  I was mulling over the whole right hand quandary and decided that the sword will have to do.  A cane looks a bit too "FdG" and a telescope is not really very good for a chap leading his Regiment to within sight of the Turk.  Myopic officers are something of a liability.

Moustache will need a bit of refinement but the plume is nearly done.   They are currently baking under a cheap IKEA desk light.

The Mastiff will go without appendages as I felt creeped out try to sculpt 28mm testicles.  We will just remember that it is a male!

For the putty I have used both pure Kneadatite and a Milliput/Kneadatite blend.  They have different properties and mixing allows the sculptor to take advantage of both.

I should be able to get the figure finished in the next day or so.  Now that reminds me, I need some laser-cut bases...


  1. Turned devastatingly good!
    During the 18th C. plumes were more often worn on the side rather than in the (19th c. fashion) front of the busby, but Knötel indeed shows exceptions in Eastern Europe.

  2. Very true Sir, Sadly, the bag is moulded in such a way that side mounting would be difficult.

    This fella is a borderline Magyar anyway so I should be OK :-)

    In fact, I am considering the figure may be better to suited to Freiherr von Röszke!