Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Graf von Zsadány - A work in progress

The Colonel rides a Crusader nag.
It has been a slow few days here at "Schloss Krautheim".  Generously, the children have shared their various illnesses and the adults are not feeling too well.

In lieu of the article I wished to post, I thought this may be of interest.   Tentatively labelled "von Zsadány" of IR.3, this figure is intended to depict a Colonel of an "Hungarian" Regt.  He wears a plain jacket and drapes a pelisse over his shoulders for a touch of flamboyance.  I could have used an Hussar with dolman but I rather like the contrast between plain and ornate coats.

The origin of the components is partly unclear.  The figure is a Foundry Russian (I think) liberated from Dave T's "bits box".  He had a nasty face with protruding mouth - very Simian.  I transplanted a Front Rank Austrian head and affixed a spare metal pelisse to the torso - yes it is attached very far forward and this is intentional!  The latter was heavily ground-down to make enough space for the former to be seated.

As always, detail work is required but I think the figure "works".

Another "WIP" taster is the Iroquois man-servant that I have been planning for a fairly long time.  In the spirit of frugality *cough cheapskate* I have used the body from which I took von Heßlingshof's head.  His new head is taken from a Front Rank "Woodland Indian" and looks suitably grizzled.

Thus far he has lost his right arm and been drilled to receive the various pins.  In addition I have removed the scabbard moulded attached to the left leg.  There will a suitable substitution added to this area. A fair bit of clean-up and carving still to do on this one but I can see what is needed in my "mind's eye".

Hopefully work on these will progress over the next few days.


  1. Promising WIP indeed!
    Will the Iroquois man-servant serve in Europe and share some personal history and characteristics with Oumpah-pah or / and Mani (from 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'?).

  2. Ah Mani! My wife reminded me of that excellent film only the other day! I must watch it again.

    The Indian's provenance was proving problematical but the same wise woman suggested he had been "won" in a card game. Sounded plausible to me.

    Thus he was in the employ of an English Officer who suffered a losing streak! Now he resides with his new master in the Empire!