Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year?

What a week it has been.  Familial dramas, PC malfunctions, birthdays and injuries - all par for the course over the supposedly Festive Season!

Today I intend to do the second stock-check of the Northstar/Crusader goods.  (As regular readers will be aware I ordered figures during their late October sale and it took them nearly two months to replace the 40% or so that were miscast.)

To be frank (call me Ol' Blue Eyes) I am dreading this as the whole affair has really soured my enthusiasm for a rather exciting project.   I greatly doubt that the "new" figures will be correct as nothing has gone smoothly with Northstar.  However I am steeled and, if need be, ready to take up the fight!

As a Christmas Present, from my children, I received some rather splendid figures from the excellent people at Front Rank.  These chaps are going to form the basis of a unique looking Regiment where the Flügelmütze/Mirliton is in evidence.  Razor saw is poised.

Tentative plans for the weekend include getting the components for a couple of Regiments arranged and full boxing and cataloguing of everything C18 that I have available.

Anyway, enough of the rambling.  I promise some decent and non-personal postings in the near future and hope that you all have a very



  1. Forget the past, even recent, think of the bright (near) future!
    Merry New Year Eve and Happy New Year!

  2. Keep up the great inspiring work and a Good New Year when it comes!
    best wishes