Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I apologise for the week without posts.  I will not cite the "extreme weather" or the "Festive Season" as excuses but will invoke the dual spectres of illness and annoyance.

The first is an upper-respiratory infection I was "given" by my children.  The malady is supposedly a virus although I have evidence to the contrary.   Over two weeks on and I am still feeling bad.

The annoyance has been caused by the near two month struggle to get my Crusader figures.  As of this morning I have not received the long-promised replacements and compensation.   Things like this tend to put a "hold" on my progress as I like to have everything to hand before starting a project.  Hopefully the delays are caused by extreme weather or the Festive Season and I will soon have my little armies ready to arrange.

I am starting to think I should have gone with Wargames Factory's Marlburians.  They would have been here a good deal sooner even if they were paddled across the Atlantic in a canoe...


  1. After emailing and "TMPing" I am told that my replacements were mailed - Special Delivery - on December 20th.

    I wonder if I will see my compensation and 10% SoA discount.

    Time will tell...

  2. What could I say? Sympathy, and most sincere wishes that all will go better next year -it is not that far away!


  3. My sympathy for your illness. A rotten thing to have, especially over the holidays. I hope your figures arrive soon, too, as some compensation.

  4. All @ the Duchy of Tradgardland wish you a speedy recovery and lead thru the letterbox soon!

  5. Thank you Gentlemen.

    As of Wednesday - still nothing and no replies to my emails. I had heard bad things about Northstar but this is dreadful.

    Odd as Mr Eyre was most apologetic over the telephone...

  6. Package arrived this AM - Northstar did NOT mail it when I was told - no surprise there...

    I haven't checked the contents fully but it appears I have been given half a dozen or so models - I wont spend them all at once - as "compensation" for a two month wait and some dubious customer service.

    I all I don't think I will bother with these people again.

    When you compare the likes of Alec Brown at Front Rank - there is no reason to shop at what appears to be a fairly shoddy outfit.

    All very odd as "Nick" and "Martin" seem very helpful on the telephone.