Monday, 31 January 2011

"Fort Kalypso" - First Attempt

"Fauxban" bastion.
The fort has received a suitably Classical name - "Kalypso" after the possessive Nymph of Greek mythology.  Apt as many posted to this backwater feel stranded in the manner of the unfortunate Odysseus.

I made a trip to "Homebase" the poor British relative of the USA's "Home Depot" and (surprisingly) found what I was looking for - namely polystyrene ceiling coving.  Very 1970s but just the job for the squat octagonal tower comprising the North-Western corner of the complex.  At £1.79 for about 4' it is a steal.  I simply hot-glued four sections together to form the octagon.  All other parts were lying around the garage (much to the disgust of the lady wife) and thus cost me nothing!

Crusader Austrian for scale reference.
At present the structure is a pretty crude skeleton and I am aware the angles on the glacis are somewhat steeper than historical prototypes.  This inaccuracy is a deliberate compromise.  Should I model them correctly the thing is going to be enormous.  As it is I am going to have trouble finding it a place to live.  The apertures have been made oversize as I am going to fine detail them with, my old friend, floral oasis.

Bird's eye view.
Tomorrow I will tackle the buildings for the landward side.   These should include troop quarters and some form of administrative structure.  I am still unsure as to how the tower should be finished off.  Originally, I thought an open fighting top with gun ports - now I am considering a roofed structure as seen in many contemporary prints - perhaps even a rather snazzy (and suitably Oriental) dome?


  1. Impressive. I've been thinking about a similar project with 2 bastions and town gate; but complete with moat (dry or wet), demilunes or ravelins, covered way and glacis. So far, it hasn't gone beyond the thinking about it stage, and some scratchings on a plastic base... Like you I was planning on fairly steep slopes, but also quite low profiles, much of the height actually being wall and crenellations protecting the garrison. I thought that if the foundation were an inch high, then breastwork and crenellations together adding a further inch would give an acceptable height to the whole.

  2. Looks like its going to be a big'un, look forward to see the end result. When I built my fort some time ago I opted to make it in sections from cardboard, with straight walls (rather than sloped - being lazy). Some piccies on

    -- Allan

  3. I like it Tidders - pretty effective even sans slopes!

    I have had a moment of inspiration regarding my fort and it involves some junk I picked up for 50p from a D-I-Y store.

    Major surgery is pending but then spackle/filler covers a multitude of sins!

  4. Very nice fortifications, Allan - it very nearly changes my mind about the glacis and covered way...! But I suppose the idea I'd be we4ll advised to get something done, and the frills can be added later.