Thursday, 17 March 2011

"Budget" Regiments - what to do?

Suitable for 1740-50?
Regular readers will have gleaned that your author has a pretty substantial collection of C18 figures.  However, having sold my Austrians after the change of focus I am at a little bit of a loose end concerning replacements.

I have about six Regiments worth of Crusader French and need to add to these - but with what!  The Old Glory fellows are decent and I have some of their WSS offerings - also nice.  Elite is a distinct possibility as that marching fellow is spot-on.

Then it came to me - a revelation!

I re-examined the Wargames Factory WSS sprues (I have a good many) and decided that the figures, although dated, look pretty acceptable for a 1740-50 setting.  The only things I will avoid are the "curly wigs" as they were rarely sported at that juncture.  At present I have chosen some components and will do a little "how-to" assemble them slot at a future date.

As it stands, immediate plans are to get the Citadel finished and painted, build a small Eastern European village (also usable with my WW2 project) and to paint (yes PAINT!) a few figures.  The latter is somewhat daunting as I haven't painted properly since the early 90s!   I think I know what I am doing but failing eyes and premature senility may cause them to look like a dog's dinner - we will see.

Anyway - Happy Saint Patrick's day to all the Wild Geese out there.

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  1. Get onto it..I want to see some stuff in the flesh!!!!