Monday, 7 March 2011

Review: Outland Games' - Austrian Infantry 1790

Austrian Fusilier 1790. 
A while back I decided that my 1770 Army would be portrayed by (Counter) "Revolutionary" Austrians.  At this time the soldiers wore a kaskett (pill-box hat) rather than the neo-Classical crested number more often seen on the table-top.  The trouble with my choice was that there are precious few manufacturers that provide these earlier troops - especially at an affordable price!

As luck would have it I established contact with Chris von Fahnestock of Outland Games, a lesser-known range of figures that includes some rather interesting "Revolutionary" lines.  Chris, a military man on active duty, supplied me with some samples during a period of leave and I must say I am glad that he did.

So without further ado - let's get to the review!

Samples with Front Rank Jacobite (right) for comparison.
As can be seen in the group shot to the left, these are large figures.  I would certainly bracket them in the "heroic 28" category.  These miniatures are of a similar size to the Front Rank Jacobite and thus should work well with the great majority of other ranges.

The details of the uniform and kaskett are very well realised.  I especially like the gaiters and the ubiquitous sprig of oak leaves on the left side of the helmet. The low-slung pack, musket and hairstyle are nicely done also.

Fusilier and Drummer.
The style of sculpting is not over-done and the figures do not display too many folds and creases in their uniforms.  This is something I appreciate as an abundance of creases tends to make a 28mm figure look a little cluttered.  Poses are what one would expect and will rank-up nicely on a 20mm frontage.  It could be said that the drummer is a less animated than the others but I do not think this will cause any problems once the unit appropriately based.

The Officer is posed with raised sword - leading his men to another glorious defeat.  When viewed from the front he looks fine but from behind his arm position looks a tad unnatural.  This can be easily rectified, if desired, by a slight bend of the limb.

Officer and Standard-bearer.
There is a mounted Colonel available and he rides a large and handsome horse. Like his infantry counterpart his arm is raised, although this time the angle looks better.  The horse is an imposing beast and looks more than up to the task of carrying a senior field Officer.

Incidentally, I am probably not the best judge of raised sword arm poses as they are not a favourite of mine - figures thus depicted are nearly always converted for my armies!

My overall impression of this line is very positive.  The subject matter is unusual and the execution is good.  The pricing point of $13.99 for a dozen figures represents extremely good value.  The alloy used to cast these figures is of obviously good quality and the castings are crisp and fault-free. Therefore, I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Mounted Colonel and his trusty steed.
The only down-side is that Chris is presently overseas and thus the figures are not going to be available until September 2011.  

When that time rolls around I will be patronising Outland Games!

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  1. These look brilliant. What a great find! Thanks for posting!