Friday, 25 March 2011

Building "Fort Kalypso" - Walls finished & Base started

Brush away  the excess "dusting".
As I promised two days ago, today I will show the finished walls. Drum-roll please!

The freshly plastered walls were dusted with dry filler in order to smooth the finish and "fix" it in place.  We left the structure looking as if it was pebble-dashed.  It is a finish that works nicely in some circumstances but not for old plaster render - for that it is woefully over-scale.

After checking carefully that the building is thoroughly dry take a stiff brush and start brushing the "dusting" from the walls.  The amount you remove is a matter of personal choice - I wanted only a few areas with a rough finish so brushed the majority away.  Any especially lumpy or rough areas can be tackled with glasspaper but remember the whole point of this method is to achieve a flawed facade.   If you want smooth flat surfaces grab the foamcore!  When you have the finish you think looks right - STOP!  There is always a temptation to fiddle but this should be resisted.

Be warned this is extremely dusty work covering everything nearby.  I would advise a dust-mask and vacuum cleaner.  Alternatively you could get brushing outside - again wearing a mask.

Groundwork applied and smoothed.
Once happy with the building, mix a generous amount of cheap filler/spackle to a pretty thick consistency.  Place your building on a flat and level surface (I use IKEA particle board off-cuts)  covered with a plastic sheet or a garbage sack.  The filler should be worked up to your building's edge and smoothed with a wet brush.  What you are creating here are the ground contours, remember any foliage will be seated on top of this surface so make allowances.

Do not waste your cash on flashy "talus",
While the groundwork is still wet sprinkle all areas (apart from those smoothed by traffic) with a mixture of crushed plaster "sprinkles" (this can be made from excess filler left to dry, placed in a plastic bag and pounded with a hammer - much cheaper than proprietary "talus")  At this juncture the amount of surface texture should be overdone - think of your childhood and making glitter pictures.  If you follow the instructions, your base will end up looking like a debris-field but in the final stage the majority of this will be lost so do not fret!

As before, place this somewhere safe to dry allowing a few days (or more) for the groundwork to "set".

Next part is the FINAL construction phase then it's on to painting.


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