Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review: Old Glory Miniatures' FIW French Infantry

After changing my plans regarding the cut of infantry uniforms, I found myself in need of some cheap and cheerful French types.  Not surprisingly, Old Glory sprung to mind as a leading contender.  Following perusal of the US website (it has most codes illustrated) I decided to go for packs FIW006 and FIW008 (Command and Marching respectively)

These figures are taken from OG's venerable French and Indian War range.   Designed for use in the Americas they seem perfectly suited to other theatres.  I was originally worried that they might sport Indian style leggings but a quick call to Andy at OG UK clarified matters - they are in gaiters.

As usual with OG figures, these are cast and bagged (random selection) in the USA.  This keeps down the costs but does result in bent muskets and swords etc.  Thankfully, the alloy used is forgiving and the castings can be straightened without any apparent weakening.  That said, you should straighten them carefully as you don't want to break bits off!

OG FIW008 with Crusader Fusilier for comparison.
The first photo shows the marching figures from pack FIW008 (£24.00 for approx. 30 figures)  As can be seen these are perfectly workable miniatures.  There is nothing too breathtaking here but just how exciting can a marching Frenchman be?  Details are well done but not over-done.  Muskets are a little "fuzzy" in places but it is nothing a dry-brushed streak here and there will not rectify.  I got five different poses (no head variants) with the majority being the fellow with the near horizontal musket.  Murphy's Law dictated that this is the pose I like least!  There is also a wounded figure present - thankfully just one of the 31 in the packet!

The figures are shown with pack and canteen.  I have read that the pack may be Napoleonic and therefore anachronistic - I am not familiar enough with French kit to make a judgement.  As I am dealing with an ImagiNation I have some leeway however the historical purist may wish to check his references before buying.

OGFIW006 Command, again with Crusader reference (right)
Pack FIW006 (£12.00 for approx. 15 figures) contains a mixture of Command types.  As is often the case with OG, there are head variations in the pack.  I have not snapped all of the figures rather a representative sample.

There are drummers walking and playing and another with his instrument slung on his back - I really liked the latter he is full of character.  The standards are carried by Officers wielding swords.  These are a bit flamboyant for my taste but again are decent figures.  There are also Officers carrying some rather ornate spontoons - in my bag I had one marching and one standing pose - and waving sabres.  Finally, there is a chap posed running with pistol and a casualty figure.  Clearly the former is more suited to the skirmish line which makes sense considering the pack is designed primarily for the FIW.

It is obvious that this pack is somewhat "generic" being designed to work with any of the Infantry bags (Marching, Firing or Advancing)  Thus a few of the poses will look a bit odd with marching figures.  However, I am aware that I am rather "Old School" and favour very conservatively posed units!

In terms of size, these miniatures average 26mm ground to eye - not surprising given the fact that they have been around since the 90s.  This is at the small end of the spectrum these days but still workable in a mixed army.

To summarise, I recommend these as long as you do not mind accepting a random selection of castings.  They are decent figures at a great price and when painted should serve with distinction.

Scores out of 10 - thoroughly personal ratings explained:

Sculpting - Quality of detail and accuracy
Casting - Mismoulds and flashing
Variety - How comprehensive is the range
Service - Was the seller easy to reach, polite and helpful
Delivery - How long did they take to get to me
Value - Are they a good deal overall

Delivery time based upon my experience - UK to UK delivery.

Sculpting:                  6.5/10 
Casting:                    10/10 Again no miscasts - here OG excels!
Variety of Subject:    */10 Unfair to score them*
Customer Service:    10/10
Delivery Time:          10/10 Ordered on Thurs PM - arrived Saturday
Value:                      9/10

* They are intended for use in the FIW so many of the troop types Euro-theatre gamers would need are not present.


  1. Glad you are more satisfied here than in your previous post!
    Looking forward to discover them in their painted glory!


  2. A good review. I am currently painting a 72-figure French battalion using these figures and the advancing pose. The only "problem" I've encountered is that the officers and drummers are "out-of-step" with the sergeants and infantry figures. Seems to me like the sculptor just wasn't paying too close attention to this little detail.

    But the figures are, so far, fairly easy to paint.


  3. Abdul: A much better experience - Andy is someone who actually values his customers. This is a refreshing contrast to some of the slip-shod operations I have dealt with in the past months.

    ColCampbell: I noticed they are indeed out of step - marching to the beat of a different drummer perhaps!

  4. Yes OG are clearly fine fellows..... unless you ask to look at the figures you wish to buy "in the metal" at shows.

    I recall a friend being treated as if he had asked for the moon on a stick.

  5. Poor customer service is never acceptable.

    All I can say is that in my dealings with OG UK & US they have always been polite and efficient.

  6. Have you considered the Blue Moon french infantry figs, also OG marlburians could be used

    -- Allan

  7. @ Tidders - I looked at the BM figures and they seem very nice. Sadly they are pretty pricey in the UK. It annoys me that there is no Old Glory Army here.

    If I was still in the US I would not hesitate as the saving is enormous and makes an already cheap product a give-away!

    ATM I am veering toward my stockpile of WF Marlburians - the French uniform was very dated after all!