Friday, 7 January 2011

Party time at Schloss Löwenstein!

The Court celebrates the arrival of the new Regiments.
At last!  The people at Northstar have put right the wrongs of my October 2010 orders.   It took numerous emails, personal messages and telephone calls with the vendor's attitude* causing me a remarkable amount of annoyance but I am elated that the matter is now over!

The very polite "Mark" is clearly the gentleman with whom you should speak should difficulties arise.  I first encountered him shortly before Christmas and alone at Northstar he seems to exhibit some genuine care for the customer.  Will I patronise them again?  I strongly doubt it but at least I can now move on and hopefully reignite my enthusiasm for what was (and is) one of my most enjoyable projects in a long while.

Much has been "on hold" since this fiasco started.  However I can now get cracking: I want to ink a decent map of the State,   I need to get flags made and bases cut and not least the conversions for a couple of IR need to be performed.

It is hoped this will be a most productive New Year!

*Your author suspects Northstar may be in league with the vile Pasha Zahi and have purposely delayed the dispatch of the troops in order to give this grotesque savage time to prepare his defences.

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