Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Army in miniature: IR.10 " von Klingenbach " pt.1

The basic concept.
I apologise as I have not yet posted the relevant uniform card and potted history of this Regiment but that will be remedied later this week.

So at the risk of getting ahead of myself I thought readers would be interested to see my concept for one of the "new" Regiments formed when the armed forces expanded.

The Grenadiers are going to have an unusual appearance as shown by the very crude composite figure in the picture.  Wearing a decidedly French coat with turnbacks and a most decorative "Flügelmütze" style hat.

The body is from a Crusader French fusilier and the head taken from a Dixon French Revolutionary Chasseur à Cheval.  The latter are very nice figures and often overlooked these days.  They have a few flaws but are going to serve me well in many ways!

The transplant was rather difficult and resulted in some damage to the musket - as can be seen.  I hope to eliminate this during the other surgeries that will be required to create a full compliment.  As this was something of an experiment I am quite happy with the basic result.  Rebuilding of the collar and some fine details should result in an attractive and unique figure.

The uniform will be the standard "Mustard" coat with blood red facings and silver lace/buttons.  All in all pretty striking.

Along with this chap I was today building the Colonel but he is unavailable for a snap due to being baked in my "Coke Can Putty Oven".

More on this in the very near future...


  1. An *original* mini / uniform, obtained thanks to an audacious surgery: compliment!
    Looking forward to discover and enjoy the 'new' unit in color: colored card, then the unit in its glorious painted flesh... well, metal!


  2. I like your tailor! This will make for a unique unit and I'm looking forward to seeing it painted up.