Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Infanterie Regiment Nr.8 "von Tschernowitz" 1740

IR. "von Tschernowitz" is unique in the ranks of the Army.  Firstly, it is the only Regiment to have been directly inherited by the son of the previous Inhaber.  Second it stands out on the field of battle as the men wear a rather dated uniform.

The current Colonel Ruprecht, Freiherr von Tschernowitz, is a very different man to his father, Heinrich.  Eschewing the luxury and religious liberalism of the older Freiherr, the present head of the Tschernowitz family is a miserly and conservative man.  He has insisted that his troops retain the cheaper uniforms of a previous era and that the Regiment attends Mass at least once a week.  This has led to friction within the ranks as the regiment has a sizeable Bohemian component.  That said, natural wastage has lessened the religious difficulties as the present Inhaber no longer recruits from anything other than Catholic peoples.

The uniforms of this Regiment have a great similarity to that of the 1720 cut, the basic differences being the introduction of a fur Grenadier cap and buttoned gaiters.  The artillery component is negligible comprising a few small Schmetterling pieces.

Inhaber: Ruprecht, Freiherr von Tschernowitz

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