Thursday, 13 January 2011

Infanterie Regiment Nr.10 " von Klingenbach "

IR.10 is the first of the "new" Regiments raised after the recent Turkish war.  Formed by the expansion of "Freikorps von Klingenbach", the unit's personnel were already seasoned, if not highly disciplined, soldiers.

Balthasar, Graf von Klingenbach recruited his Friekorps in the late 1720s from desperadoes and refugees.  Thus the unit had a very cosmopolitan flavour.  Almost immediately, the regiment gained notoriety for it's savagery in combat against the Turk.  

Retained by the State in the early 1730s the unit was a semi-permanent addition to the forces of Beimbach-Schönau.  It was therefore logical to create one of the new Regiments around the solid core of the Freikorps.

Von Klingenbach hails originally from Elsaß but has found his true calling on the Turkish front.  He is easily recognized by his large moustache, ornate uniform and mischievous dog - the ever present "Fritzi".

The Regiment wears a "French" pattern uniform with Blood-Red facings.  Unusually, the Grenadiers wear the Flügelmütze most readily associated with Hussars and light infantry.  The artillery component is somewhat heavier than "regulation" comprising a great many ex-Russian pieces of medium calibre.

Inhaber:  Balthasar, Graf von Klingenbach

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