Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Infanterie Regiment Nr.9 " von Heßlingshof "

The "Beimbachers" are the last of the "Old" Infantry Regiments.  Proud of their traditional responsibilities as peace-time guardians of this great city, they present a particularly imposing sight both on and off the battlefield.

Currently led by the somewhat eccentric August, Freiherr von Heßlingshof, they are equipped in textbook fashion. Wearing Grass-Green faced "German" uniforms they boast a complement of modern artillery pieces albeit of light calibre.  The Grenadiers wear the standard fur cap and moustaches.

Von Heßlingshof is a local magnate but in his youth served with the Imperial Russian Army in it's campaigns against the Swedes.  He has a residual affection for Russia and is often accompanied by Cossack retainers.  It is rumoured that he may harbour sympathies for the Eastern Orthodox Faith but no proof has yet come to light.

Inhaber: August, Freiherr von Heßlingshof

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