Monday, 17 January 2011

Initial Impressions : Wargames Factory - War of Spanish Succession Infantry

Twelve sprues are inside each box.
This weekend I got my hands on Wargames Factory's new release: a box of 32 generic infantry for the late C17  / early C18 period.  These were supplied, in a most timely fashion, by "VVV" Wargames.

I feel fortunate as I understand many folks had this on pre-order and it has yet to arrive - this is precisely the reason I do not pre-order, I have an inherent dislike of paying for something that is not yet stocked.  Vendors often forget the monies already in their pockets and attendant obligation in favour of further revenue from "fresh" sales.

The sprues are moulded in high density styrene (use liquid polystyrene cement for a good join/weld) and feature an excellent selection of different heads.  Sporting Tricorns, wide-brims, Grenadier Mitres and a Fur Cap.  There is even a bare-headed fellow in there.  The intention is that with a change of head the simple body can depict virtually any trooper from the period in question.  Although the button-counters will have a fit with this as there are features moulded (neck-scarf for example) that are not universal - this is of little import to those of us creating ImagiNations.

The frames contain two one-piece bodies and one multi-part.  The latter can be assembled as another marching trooper, part of a command group or a "skirmisher".  In my opinion, the skirmisher is the least appealing option as the firing and grenade throwing arms just don't appear to "work" with the marching pose.

Close-up of heads and arms.
  • Low price per figure.  I got a set for £14.99 working out at approximately 46p per figure.  I understand they are cheaper in the USA.
  • A good selection of heads, extra arms and torsos with a lot of spares!  For converters this is a boon.
  • Excellent sprue design - they stack inside the box ensuring there is no damage in transit.


Command details and firing line arms.
  • Bulgy eyes on the heads.  This will prove a problem if you paint them as shown on the box front.  They end up looking like Michael "Charmon" Jackson in "Thriller".  This is shown to good/bad effect by the deeply unappealing box-art.
  • The detail on the wigs/hair is very symmetrical and thus looks rather odd if examined closely.
  • Care should be taken with the necks.  Many assembled miniatures that I have seen sport Giraffe necks.

Basic figure front view.
Personally, I will be happy using these right up to 1740 (and beyond) as although old-fashioned they will not look unlikely - just think of the SYW French as a case in point. 

As illustration of the above, see the picture to the left for a close-up of the basic infantryman and his uniform.  This would be entirely serviceable in the mid C18. 

All-in-all a great set and thoroughly recommended - although you may have trouble getting any at the moment due to Wargames Factory's internal problems.

I will have to glue a few together pronto and post the results.


  1. A very nice (and fair) review of the figures. Something I had been looking for before investing in some of them. Thanks.

  2. I have a couple of boxes of these figures and there are 36 figures, not 32. Twelve sprues with 3 figures each . . . 36 total figures . . . and with two boxes, I have 72 figures . . . which means three 24-man units for my rules.

    -- Jeff