Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Matters hairy - WF wig details

Grenadier and Officer heads.
Following a TMP exchange with His Eminence Cardinal Hawkwood, I decided to post a few close-ups of the peculiar hair/wigs on the WF sprues reviewed yesterday.

As can be seen, the hair is sculpted in loops rather than locks and curls.  Although there is historical precedent for the "looped" wig (as is shown in many contemporary portraits) in miniature, it looks odd thus depicted.  What makes it even stranger is the fact that it is rendered in a completely symmetrical manner.  This, I assume, betrays the CAD origin of the master sculpts.  I may be wrong but I suspect it was just an horizontal copy 'n' flip as it were!

Rank & File specimens.
Personally, I do not feel this problem is so severe as to warrant a re-do with either putty or pyrogravure.  Especially the case when it comes to the "rank and file" of a Regiment.

However, if I was using one of these heads for a senior commander I might rough up the finish a little.

Yet more cloth Mitres.
Some may regard this as nit-picking but those of us who enjoy getting all the details right find such things important.  The hair could certainly have been done better but compared to some of WF's earlier sprues this one is a gem!  Overall I do not think these problems detract from the the set's desirability.

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