Monday, 10 January 2011

The Army in miniature: IR.10 " von Klingenbach " pt.2

IR.10 The components.
After looking at the crudely made composite in my last posting, I decided he had to be redone!  The shako needed to sit flush with the musket and this necessitated the removal of the entire plume.  Not too much of a worry as building half a plume and ensuring it matches a pre-existing feature is more work than doing the whole thing from scratch!

Anyway, I have collected the metal components for a group photo.  They comprise 20 Crusader French Fusiliers (selected at random from miscasts - part of the compensation I obtained from Northstar) The Command Group will feature a standard bearer (converted from a Crusader French NCO) a Drummer from Foundry (via Dave T's bargain box) and "von Klingenbach" himself.  He is a part-finished conversion of a Dixons Chasseur and will sport an animal skin cape in the style of von Zieten.  His head is from a Foundry cavalry bugler and his horse will be from Front Rank (I think I photographed him on a Crusader nag by mistake)

Von Klingenbach in all his half-built glory.
Other items used are a couple of Mega Miniatures dogs (yes another headswap!) and a flagpole finial from Front Rank.  You will note the bags at the top of the photo.  These contain more unfortunate Dixons donors - please don't inform them of the fate that awaits.

Bases will be purchased from Warbases  who provide laser-cut MDF in a wide range of sizes at ridiculously low prices - £2.00 gets you 16 40x40mm bases!  The standard will be custom printed on silk by Maverick Models and will apparently cost no more than £2.00.

All things considered once the work is done this should be a very cost-effective, unique and attractive Regiment.

Now that I have my miniatures the floodgates are truly open and my enthusiasm has returned!  I hope my very rusty painting skills can do justice to my idea...


  1. Your enthusiasm has returned with good reason! And is communicative: your ideas of conversions are exciting.

    Compliments and cheers,

  2. are you going to have the odd dog headed infantry man?..intriguing..

  3. That would make a fine opponent for those SYW Teddy bears - however I think I can resist :-)