Monday, 25 October 2010

The Army of Hubertus II - Cavalry Regiments 1720

This the Senior branch of the army comprises five Line Cavalry Regiments.  One Cuirassier, three Dragoon (one of which is termed "Grenadier") and a Regiment of Hussars. 

Foremost amongst these is the élite "Leibgarde" (KR.1).  As in the case of IR.1 "Kronprinz" this Regiment wears a "charcoal grey" coat faced with the coat colour the "normal" Regiments.  This, in the case of the cavalry, is a dark "blood-red". 

Having eight squadrons, the "Leibgarde" is larger than a "standard" Cavalry Regiment which has six.

The three Dragoon Regiments form the "backbone" of the Cavalry.  Although they have evolved from the mounted infantry of yesteryear, they are now true cavalry soldiers capable of delivering a decisive blow on the battlefield.

The most recent addition are the Hussars of KR.5.  These flamboyant troopers are drawn from the Magyar territories on the fringes of the Reichsfürstentum.  Used mainly for scouting and escort duties, this Regiment is nevertheless a most valuable part of the Cavalry service.

As with the Infantry, in times of extremis Beimbach-Schönau can call upon a variety of ad-hoc formations.  Of these the "Croat" light cavalry have gained infamy far and wide.  They are used to harass the enemy's supply lines and raid deep into his heartland, pillaging as they go.

Details of these "Irregular" formations will be posted in due course.


  1. Exciting and promising!
    Looking forward to discover more uniform details...
    David posted a WSS 'generic cavalry' template and lots of hussars ones -at least for sharing the colors patterns, even if the cut of the uniform is only approximatively appropriate.

  2. David's WSS template will indeed be featured! I have been chopping and reworking headgear and so on to reflect my units' uniforms.

    I will have to trawl a bit for the Hussars as I favour the early casual style.

  3. I am also looking forward to seeing these uniforms.

    -- Jeff

  4. You sport the best art work of any of our the realms! Congraduations and keep up the excellent work...