Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Kavallerie Regiment Nr.1 "Leibgarde zu Pferde"

The mounted Lifeguards are the premier cavalry Regiment and therefore the most prestigious formation in the army of Beimbach-Schönau.  The personnel are drawn from Society's upper-echelon, comprising the Landed Gentry and Foreign Nobility in exile.

Harking back to an age long gone, this Heavy Regiment wears a blackened steel cuirass - the last remnant of the Knight's Harness.  Used in the rôle of shock troops, the "Leibgarde" is known to deliver a devastating charge which has thrown many an enemy into disarray.

Unique amongst the cavalry, the Regiment wears a "Charcoal Grey" coat that is faced "Blood Red".  All troopers wear a fur cap with a cloth bag.  By regulation, Officers are permitted to wear a Tricorn hat but, as a mark of status, many opt for the archaic Cuirassier helmets of the past Century and other somewhat outlandish additions to the standard uniform.

As the name implies this Regiment's personnel provide for the Sovereign's personal security.  In time of peace Schloss Löwenstein and the other residences of our Prince are protected by the Leibgarde.  Additionally State Ceremonials usually feature an appearance by these troops.

Nominally led by the Reichfürst, day to day duties are performed by a trusted Inhaber.   Presently this position is held by an old comrade of our Prince, namely: Hieronymus, Altgraf von Rinzendorf

Like Albrecht von Michelbach (IR.2) the Altgraf first served with our Prince during the Turkish Wars of the last Century.  He is now regarded as both a trusted confidant and valuable advisor, usually to be seen in the Royal entourage.

The Regimental details are thus:

Officers wear metallic "Gold" lace, buttons and cravat.
Troopers have a Blood-Red and Yellow cap bag.
Horse Furniture is Blood-Red trimmed Gold/Yellow.

Inhaber: Hieronymus, Altgraf von Rinzendorf


  1. The new cap is more original than the initial bearskin, and more 'in period' - compliments.

  2. Thank you, the Bearskin was of course use by Infantry at the time but I noticed that the French had a unit equipped in an almost identical fasion - although during the SYW.

  3. I think I can roll out the rest now - it's been a busy week outside of Beimbach-Schönau!