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The Army of Hubertus II - Field Artillery 1720

This subject was touched upon earlier but a fuller explanation may be found useful.

Light and Medium Artillery is distributed amongst the Infantry Regiments.  The number and type of guns differs from Regiment to Regiment but the tactical deployment does not.

Most of the the Regimental pieces are "Six-Pounders" or the somewhat older "Sacres".  These guns are manned by specialist personnel.  Both Officers and Men wear "Tobacco Brown" coats which are detailed as per the parent Regiment.

As illustration, please consider the following examples of Artillery uniforms.

Firstly, IR.1 "Kronprinz".   As would be expected the coat is faced "mustard yellow" with scarlet waistcoat.  The buttons and lace are "Zitron" for men and gold for Officers. 

The guns allotted to this Regiment are, not surprisingly, the best available.  In the main these are modern six-pounder pieces.

IR.2 "Markgräfin Katharina" follows the usual system departing only when it comes to the characteristic "Mourning" waistcoat.

As with all of the Army's artillery, carriages and limbers are painted dark "Blood-Red" with contrasting Dark Grey details.  Barrels are blackened. 

A final illustration of this system is provided by IR.7 "von Standorf".  This formation's artillerists are uniformed in the typical style with cream waistcoat.  

The Artillerists were originally looked down upon by the other Arms of Service.  However our present Prince has done much to address this problem by publicly demonstrating his own enthusiasm for the heavy guns and their value on the modern battlefield.

In addition to the Regimental guns, Beimbach-Schönau has a modest "Siege Train" of large calibre pieces.  This comprises some monstrous howitzers and heavy guns of varied origin.  Again the personnel wear Tobacco Brown coats but in this instance they bear their own "Burned Orange" distinctions with a "Straw Yellow" waistcoat. 

Rarely called upon, they remain in garrison, manning the defences of the State. 

This summary concludes the description of Reichfürst Hubertus' Artillery Arm.

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