Friday, 29 October 2010

Kavallerie Regiment Nr.3 "Dragoner di Scarzano"

Amadeo, Conte di Scarzano is a relative newcomer to Beimbach-Schönau.  He left his native Italy during the campaigns in the first decade of this Century.  His lands ravaged by the French and his peasantry having fled, he found himslef impoverished.  Prince Eugene of Savoy was impressed by his vehemently anti-Bourbon stance and championed his plight at Court.  It was at this point the Conte met and befriended our Sovereign being offered a new future in our State.

A great follower of fashion and lover of the Arts, Amadeo di Scarzano cuts an elegant figure at Court and on the field of battle.  Although somewhat effiminate in appearance, he is nevertheless a notorious rake, beloved by the ladies for his "Latin Charm".

As a "Normal" Cavalry Regiment, "di Scarzano" does not have an elite contingent.  That said, it should not be inferred that this is a second-rate formation.

The Regimental details are thus:

Officers wear metallic "Silver" lace and buttons.
Horse Furniture is Blood-Red trimmed Silver.

Inhaber: Amadeo, Conte di Scarzano  

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