Friday, 29 October 2010

Kavallerie Regiment Nr.5 "Hussaren von Kotyháza"

Magyar tribesmen have long been valued for their skill in the saddle.  Inspired by the success of the French Hussar Regiments, it was decided that such a formation should be raised from our Hungarian subjects.

Miklós, Graf von Kotyháza had already proven his ability leading a Freikorps of his fellow Magyars.  From the ranks of this formation came the cadre of the future KR.5. 

Wearing a uniform inspired by their traditional dress (the elaborate parade version is illustrated) these colourful troopers fulfil the reconnaissance and raiding functions with great élan.  It is supposed that they will be especially effective against the hordes of Turk light cavalry but this is yet to be proven.

The Regimental details are thus:

Officers wear metallic "Gold" lace and buttons.  Additionally, the majority of Officers favour a lace-trimmed Tricorn over the more traditional "Kolpak".
Horse Furniture is "Grass-Green" trimmed Gold.

Inhaber: Miklós, Graf von Kotyháza


  1. I very much like this hussar uniform. Well done, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Uniform with an original yet perfectly 'in character' cut, and appropriately colorful: an excellent design, as enjoyable to discover as, I'm sure, it was to work out!

  3. Such a beautiful and informative site. An impressive array of uniforms - Well done Sir!