Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Infanterie Regiment Nr.3 "von Frauenberg"

The first of the "regular" line infantry is the "Dunkelblau" Regiment, "von Frauenberg".  With sixteen companies of musketeers and two companies of grenadiers (many of whom are Magyars) the formation remains a powerful fighting force.

Raised shortly after IR.2 the Regiment has been led by the formidable Ludwig von Frauenberg for nearly 20 years.  A major land-owner in the Eastern portion of the State he is a Nobleman of the old style.  Von Frauenberg is a close friend of Hubertus II, having first met on campaign against the Turks nearly forty years ago.
The Regimental details are thus:

Officers wear metallic "Silver" lace and buttons.
Grenadiers have a Red and White cap bag.

Inhaber: Ludwig, Freiherr von Frauenberg

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