Monday, 25 October 2010

Infanterie Regiment Nr.9 "von Pankow"

The last of the nine "regular" Line Regiments is "von Pankow".  Faced grass green it's men are farm lads recruited from the fertile pastures to the north of Beimbach.

The Inhaber, Wilhelm von Pankow, is an emigre from Brandenburg.   The reason for his self-imposed exile is unclear but it is rumoured to involve an indiscretion with a high-born lady.

Although his personal morality may be questionable, his military skills are beyond doubt and his Regiment has a fine reputation.

The Regimental details are thus:

Officers wear metallic "Silver" lace and buttons.
Grenadiers have a "Grass-Green" and White cap bag.

Inhaber: Wilhelm, Ritter von Pankow

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