Monday, 18 October 2010

The Army of Hubertus II - Infantry Regiments 1720

At present, Reichsfürst Hubertus II has nine Regiments of Line Infantry at his disposal.   The standard uniform is a dark mustard yellow coat (Charcoal Grey for Regiment Nr.1 "Kronprinz")  cream waistcoat and faun leggings.  The black tricorn hat displays a red cockade or bow.  Individual Regiments are distinguished by their facing colours, buttons and lace.  The precise "cut" of the coat varies widely but the distinctions remain constant.

These facings are chosen by the "Inhaber" (Colonel) when he first takes control of the Regiment.   As a Gentleman, he is expected to pay for any clothing changes from his own purse.

Standard Infantry Regiments comprise four battalions of Musketeers (each of 4 companies) and two companies of Grenadiers.  Both senior Regiments, "Kronprinz" and "Markgräfin Katharina" boast a double complement of Grenadiers.  The majority of Grenadiers wear an "Austrian" style fur cap with coloured bag.  As is usual, each Regiment has an integral Artillery component.  These technical personnel wear a "Tobacco Brown" uniform with the Regimental distinctions.

It is normal practice to identify the Regiments by the name of their Inhaber rather than a number.  However the systems are often used in parallel.

In time of war, Beimbach-Schönau can raise numerous irregular units from it's non-Germanic subjects.   Amongst these are the often villainous "Pandour" formations, both infantry and cavalry, who operate outside the bounds of civilised warfare.


  1. Looking forward to discover the distinguishing features of these 7 regiments!

  2. Hubertus II has expanded his infantry by two regiments!