Friday, 29 October 2010

Kavallerie Regiment Nr.4 "Dragoner von Traun"

The last of the Dragoon Regiments, KR.4 is led by the conservative and deeply religious, Leopold, Frieherr von Traun.

Now in his old age, "Abbé" Leopold is wedded to the past.   Since the death of his wife he has devoted himself to the service of the Church and State - in that order.  Insisting his men join him in pre-battle prayer, he is often mocked by those less pious. 

The martial prowess of this Regiment is not impaired by the religious nature of it's Inhaber.  In fact it could be said that von Traun's uncompromising outlook instills in his men a sense of fanaticism.   This manifests itself when fighting any "heretics" as such unfortunates are rarely taken prisoner by KR.4.

The Regimental details are thus:

Officers wear metallic "Gold" lace and buttons.
Horse Furniture is Blood-Red trimmed Gold.

Inhaber: Leopold, Freiherr von Traun 


  1. An eye-candy series! Those 'chocolate' coats and saddlecloths look surpisingly good.