Monday, 1 November 2010

Expanding the ImagiNation

The more astute amongst my readers will have noticed a few subtle changes to the blog.  I have decided to include not just the army of Hubertus II but also that of his heir, Maximilian.  This decision was prompted by a few recent developments.

  1. The relative difficulty in finding good quality (and sensibly priced) 28mm figures suitable for 1720-30.  I was banking on buying a lot of the upcoming Wargames Factory WSS models.   Cheap and readily convertible thought I.  However, they are still not off the Chinese banana boat and I am wanting to get moving!
  2. Crusader Miniatures have had a very limited 50% blowout sale of their SYW Austrians.  When added to the fact that the WF stuff is delayed, I couldn't resist!  At about 50p a figure they are cheap enough to chop up - guilt free.
  3. Added to this I have a large unpainted stock of mid-18th Century lead and a general enthusiasm for the whole 1700-1765 period.  Why limit myself? 
Please note, Beimbach-Schönau 1720 is not dead! - Far from it new stuff on the way.   It is just going to be developed in parallel to the 1740 timeframe.

It is also my intention to add reviews and "how-to" articles as and when I get the models and time.  Early stages but this should become a useful resource for ImagiNationeers.

Finally, I have changed my alias.   The choice was simple, using an alternative version of my Christian name along with a "von" linked to my ancestors' village of Krautheim - yes it is real!  Picture choice was straightforward - I have a pet bird of prey (or at least a vicious Parrot)

Anyway, back to the 1740 uniform plates - a bit more complex this time...


  1. 1745? Hurrah! The WAS is as interesting as the SYW (if less popular among wargamers, probably because the Brits gave a poor show), has Maurice de Saxe and imho saw the zenith of H&M military elegance.

    Then, you'll have to design Beimbach-Schoenau's 'traditional enemy' in at least one of these two periods (it may be either hyperconservative, or already ahead of military fashion by WSS times...)? To play you need an enemy -you really don't want your 'brainchild' torn by a cruel civil war?


  2. First allow me to salute your astuteness in raising both armies . . . I also happen to like both the earlier and later periods . . . and I agree that the WAS is a very interesting conflict.

    -- Jeff

  3. Traditional enemy? Look no further than the Vile Pasha Zahi!