Monday, 8 November 2010

The Army of Maximilian - Cavalry Regiments 1740

Less in need of reorganisation than the Infantry, nevertheless the Cavalry Arm was found to be in need of attention.

It was decided by Reichsfürst Maximilian that, in line with the other Regiments, the "Leibgarde" should be reduced to six squadrons.   The men freed by this reduction formed the cadre of the two squadron Prinzen-Jäger zu Pferde.  These troopers act as the personal escort of the Sovereign.

Another radical change was the re-distribution of Grenadiers throughout the Chevaux-léger (as the Dragoons have been renamed) Regiments.  This has neccesitated the renaming of KR.2.  No longer bearing the honorary "Grenadiere" they are now known as "Reichsfürstin Philippine" (After our Sovereign's Consort) and when combined with Regt.Nr1 and the Prinzen-Jäger squadrons comprise the "Household" Cavalry.

A further Regiment of  Chevaux-léger and a second Hussar Regiment have also been added to the Cavalry establishment.

Finally, an eight squadron regiment of Bosnian "Uhlans" has been raised and fulfills a similar rôle to that of the Hussars, although equipped primarily with a lance.

Thus the 1740 Cavalry Arm comprises:
  • One Regiment of Cuirassiers
  • Four Regiments of Chevaux-Légeres
  • Two Regiment of Hussars
  • One Regiment of Uhlans
  • Two squadrons of Jäger zu Pferde
As with the Infantry, it has been requested that Colonels acquire more modern coats and equipment for their Regiments.  This, coupled with the new "Grenadier" element in each Regiment, has resulted in some unusual Regimental dress codes.

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