Monday, 8 November 2010

The Army of Maximilian - Field Artillery 1740

As has been mentioned previously, the artillery has been thoroughly reorganised.

This has entailed the concentration of all pieces heavier than 3lb (Including the Siege Artillery) into a central "Great Battery".  From this reserve the High Command can dispatch batteries of guns that act in unison against a given target.  This concentrated fire is thought to be capable of severely weakening a portion of an enemy's line making breakthrough a less daunting proposition.

The Infantry Regiments have been permitted to retain their small calibre pieces such as the "Galloper" and "Schmetterling" guns.   These being used in their traditional, infantry-support, rôle.

Coat colour remains Tobacco-Brown and in the case of Regimental Artillery the appropriate facing is still displayed.   When it comes to the Great Battery, the personnel display burned-orange facings on their brown coats - as was the case with the earlier "Siege Train" troopers.  It should be noted that all indigenous Regiments equip their artillery troopers with either of the "German" pattern coats, albeit with subtle differences to best reflect the parent formation.


  1. A natural and logical evolution -yet 'progressive' for the 1740: compliments to Reichsfürst Maximilian!

  2. It is a little "Napoleonic" I know.

    I may well revise this if it proves too effective...