Wednesday, 3 November 2010

St.Hubertus Day review 1720

Starting this morning with a great amount of activity on the streets of Bad Löwensee, the annual St.Hubertus day celebrations have proven to be more popular than ever.

After a day of street theatre, feasting and pageantry (including the parade of the Leibgarde) the populace appears to appreciate fully the Golden Age in which we live.  The more cynical amongst you may attribute this unprecedented success to the generous wine donative made by our Prince.  However, your author feels that the widespread elation is rather a manifestation of our peoples' gratitude to Hubertus II for ensuring their continued prosperity.

In the evening the Prince retired to the Cathedral of Sankt Ulrich where he celebrated a "Te Deum" followed by a magnificent fireworks display over the waters of the Löwensee.  Whatever menace the future may hold, we feel we are in safe hands.

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