Sunday, 21 November 2010

Operation! - The preamble

After a visit to Warfare! this weekend, I found myself with some new donors for my latest surgical projects.  As I never like to use stock figures as Colonels or General staff, I thought it essential to get some colourful components from which I can create a few unique models.

I intend to post some step by step conversion articles in the near future.  These will show the components, work performed and (hopefully) the finished article.  First on the cutting mat is a fellow made from three different manufacturers' components  and a good deal of epoxy putty.

I will take some shots later (once my camera has recharged) and hope the photos will prove to be of interest.  Now, just how does one sculpt fluffy looking Ostrich feathers using "greenstuff" and toothpicks...


  1. The Kingdom of Syldavia, which lies to the south of Beimbach-Schönau (it is not clear what is in between), salutes the Reichsfürst and offers to open diplomatic relations.

    That is a very nice map you have done and a super scheme of uniforms. You have been putting in a lot of work here - all well done!


  2. Reichsfürst Maximilian cordially accepts your offer and suggests we exchange ambassadors.

    He trusts that the Kingdom of Syldania is another bastion of Christendom against the savage Turk.

    (Thanks for the encouragement!)