Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Infanterie Regiment Nr.7 "von Etzlinsweiler" 1740

In a case of history repeating itself, IR.7 is once again led by a refugee.   This has earned the Regiment the troopers' sobriquet "Das Waisenhaus".  The talented military man, Otto, Ritter von Etzlinsweiler was recommended to the Kreigskammer by none other than Joachim von Standorf.  Having been born and bred within a few score miles of each other, they had often met and were well acquainted.  Thus the introduction was quite logical. 

Another gentleman dispossessed of his ancestral lands by the aggression of the Bourbons, he proved most eager gain a colonelcy in our army.  Von Etzlinsweiler yearns for the day that he can return to Lorraine and reclaim his Estates.  Until then he devotes himself to matters military eschewing the finery of Court choosing instead the soldier's life of hard-campaigning.

Again, the Regiment has a small compliment of artillery and these are served by cannoneers in old-style Tobacco-Brown uniforms.

Inhaber: Otto, Ritter von Etzlinsweiler

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