Saturday, 13 November 2010

Waiting and waiting...

I thought it only right to explain the quiet week at the B-S Chronicles.  I ordered some figures for the 1740 army from the folks at North Star but sadly after two weeks nothing has arrived.  I am more than a little peeved by this and think this level of service is not too good.  I know you can get snowed-under when you run a "special" but in such circumstances it's always polite to send an update to your customers.  I am hoping the time they are taking to get here is due to rigorous quality controls and that the metal troopers are going to arrive without any miscasts or breakages.

Anyway, I had been waiting until the troops arrived before posting the 1740 Regimental profiles, now I think I will just press on and do them.   I can always judiciously edit in the future...

Hopefully, I will get the figures on Monday and I will be able to post another review along with the far more gripping profiles.  Additionally, I can get my custom printed flags ordered.  If they do not get here soon, I fear I may succumb to the Beimbach-Schönau 1785 project that is fermenting in my addled mind.  I know which figures I would use and I am sure Front Rank's fine proprietor, Mr Brown, will deliver them with alacrity!


  1. Best wishes for the 1740 army -I'm afraid the 'Beimbach-Schönau 1785 project' would push us outside the 'Lace Wars' times and dreadfully close to Revolutionary ungentlemanly warfare and inelegant uniforms... Regale us with 1740 profiles in the meantime!

  2. Yes indeed, we are creeping toward the era of that nasty fellow with the "little man" complex.

    However, Front Rank's Spanish cry out for use as ImagiNation Troopers. I had planned to use them for Saxe-Weimar way back in the mists of time.

  3. A quick post-script, Nick at North Star has publicly stated (at TMP) that all of the Austrian orders have been dispatched - thus I expect them pronto!

  4. Shame - nothing today.

    I am getting rather angry now...