Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Infanterie Regiment Nr.6 "von Falkenau" 1740

One of the first appointees of our current Sovereign's reign was Theophilus, Ritter von Falkenau. A well travelled and highly educated young man, he studied at both Wien and Paris. He returned to his ancestral lands upon learning of the premature death of his father.

He favours a detached and intellectual view of warfare and regards troop placement as something akin to a game of chess.  This studious approach has yet to be tested in a major conflict (IR.6 being left in the garrison during the recent war of 1737-39)

Fond of all things Gallic, he sports the latest Parisian fashions and insisted that his newly acquired Regiment was uniformed in coats cut  in the latest French style (Unusually, the Grenadiers are not distinguished by fur caps, instead they sport tall plumes atop their tricorns)

The Francophile nature of the Inhaber should not be taken as disloyalty to the Empire, von Falkenau is merely a cosmopolitan young man with tastes "à la mode".

Inhaber: Theophilus, Frieherr von Falkenau


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