Sunday, 21 November 2010

Cartography - a tricky matter.

Whilst waiting for the delivery of my figures from Northstar, I decided to take the plunge and map Beimbach-Schönau.  Surprisingly, I found this to be one of the trickiest things to date.

The Reichsfürstum is known to be on the very fringes of the Holy Roman Empire and to enjoy a good deal of autonomy.  Additionally, the very real menace from the savage Turk needed to be immediate and relevant to the C18. 

After much perusal of Google Maps and pouring over old documents, I decided upon a plausible location.   In short the ImagiNation is located in the area now occupied by Southern Hungary, Northern Croatia and Eastern Slovenia.   The map I have created is very much a first draft and I can see many ways to improve it.  However, it shows the main highways, fortresses, conurbations and topographical features (the latter two are grounded in reality)

Additionally the cantons, for want of a better term, are shown outlined by a broken line.  These are in the process of being numbered and named.  The system used will approximate to that of the C20 "Wehrkreis" - anachronistic but logical.

I think over the next few weeks I will have to hand-draw a full map complete with all desired information.   However, the above will suffice for the present.


  1. Thank you Capt Bill - I realised I forgot the rivers!

    Need to get cracking on the "real" map :-)