Monday, 8 November 2010

Unveiling the 1740 pattern "Regimentsfahne"

Along with the reorganisation of the Army, it was decided that the Regiments should carry splendid new colours.

The new "Regimentsfahne" is of standardised design.  Bearing a black cross upon a field of the Regimental coat colour.  The quadrants sport "flames" of the Regimental facing and the flag is bordered in the applicable lace colour.  In the centre of the cross is the State Crest.

During Mass at Sankt Ulrich Cathedral, the flags were blessed and the Reichsfürst presented them to the Colonels.  In subsequent ceremonies the banners were paraded in front of the massed Regiments.

To illustrate the system, the colours of IR.1 "Kronprinz" (Top) and IR.2 "Markgräfin Katharina" (Right) are shown.  Please note, IR.2 is unique in sporting a black border. 


  1. Spendid, credible, 'in character' and a logical system!
    Reminds we that we did not enjoy a glance at the earlier pattern of colours... (the drawback of posting such pleasurable material: readers become insatiable!).

  2. Thanks Gentlemen!

    I now need to get them printed for use with my little lead troopers.