Monday, 15 November 2010

Infanterie Regiment Nr.5 "Conte di Poretto" 1740

The last of Hubertus' Infantry appointees to remain in command is Pietro di Poretto.  As such, he is now fairly elderly but this has not caused a mellowing of his outlook or a deterioration of his famously dapper appearance. 

His merciless approach to warfare will undoubtedly prove useful in the coming campaigns against the savage armies of Pasha Zahi.

Another "German" coated Regiment, IR.5 sports the regulation uniforms and details.  As with IR.4, this Regiment has organic Artillery of the "Schmetterling" type.

Inhaber: Pietro, Conte di Poretto


  1. Are the 1740 'Schmetterling' guns the prototypes of the AWI 'butterflies'? Beimbach-Schönau would be remarkably ahead of its type -but then, why not?

  2. The Schmetterlings are 3 pounders on light split trail carriages. They are sufficiently portable to be towed by either a nag or a couple of unlucky soldiers.

    I believe they were developed and utilised in the American Revolution. Indeed there is an argument those of our Regiments that fought on behalf of King George introduced North America to the idea!

  3. Really enjoy watching your army and history grow...