Sunday, 14 November 2010

Infanterie Regiment Nr.2 "Markgräfin" 1740

Second in seniority remains "Markgräfin Katharina".  As described in the entry dealing with the 1720 pattern uniform, IR.2 is known as the "Mourning Regiment".  Retaining the funerary waistcoat and now sporting a tall cylindrical Grenadier headress, the Regiment presents a unique appearance.  Additionally, it will be noted that IR.2 carries the only Regimentsfahne bordered in black.  This acts both to distinguish it from the "Line" Regiments and also as a further mark of "mourning".

As with IR.1, "Markgräfin" boasts a double compliment of Grenadiers and also a collection of Regimental artillery pieces.  Many of these are of the rather outdated "Sacre" style but are thought still to confer an advantage on the battlefield.

Currently led by the elderly, yet effective, Helmuth, Graf von Wertheim (formerly of IR.4)  As a recognition of his many years service to the von Löwensee family, he was recently (1734) granted a new title and extensive estates.

Inhaber: Helmuth, Graf von Wertheim

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  1. I like these uniforms and the flag very much. Well designed, sir.

    -- Jeff