Saturday, 13 November 2010

Infanterie Regiment Nr.1 "Kronprinz" 1740

As in the Army of Hubertus II, IR.1 retains the honorary "Kronprinz" along with the unique uniform distinctions - Scarlet waistcoat and Charcoal-Grey coat.

Along with IR.2 "Markgräfin", this Regiment boasts a double compliment of Grenadiers.  These wear the "normal" uniform complete with fur cap.  As would be expected in an élite formation, the Officers sport a wide variety of flamboyant uniforms.  The most popular being an adaptation of Hussar style attire.

The Regiment retains a number of light artillery pieces for direct support.   These are crewed by dedicated specialists.  Their uniform follows the standard system but with the addition of the Scarlet "Kronprinz" waiscoat.

Led, cermonially, by the Sovereign's eldest son, actual administration is performed by his close friend Moritz von Grafenwald.

Inhaber: Moritz, Reichsfreiherr von Grafenwald