Sunday, 14 November 2010

Infanterie Regiment Nr.3 "von Zsadány" 1740

In the last decade or so, the incorporation of Eastern influences into the Army has become highly fashionable.  The first of our Regiments to display this vogue is IR.3.  

Led by the Magyar magnate Nikolaus, Graf von Zsadány, this formation is the oldest of the "Line" Regiments.  The personnel are drawn from the Eastern areas of the Reichsfürstum but are not entirely Magyar.  The overtly "Hungarian" nature of IR.3 owes much to the aesthetic preference and ethnicity of the present Inhaber.

Graf von Zsadány assumed control of IR.3 following the demise of the greatly admired Ludwig von Frauenberg.  The latter led the Regiment for more than three decades and built himself a formidable reputation.  The Officers of IR.3 observe many of the formalities beloved by von Frauenberg and the present Inhaber has wisely ensured that these traditions are respected.

It should be noted that whilst this Regiment is the first of the "Line" Infantry formations, it nevertheless considers itself to have a degree of seniority and this is reflected in the somewhat haughty manner of the Officers.

 Inhaber: Nikolaus, Graf von Zsadány


  1. Absolutely marvelous uniforms and flags, an inspiration to all of us mere mortals...

  2. Thanks Captain! I was a little concerned that they looked too "loud". Then again when you look at Hussars they look positively restrained.

  3. Indeed the colonels made excellent use of the freedom allowed by 1740 regulations: the diversity of cut between the various uniforms -all so good-looking- is a feast for the eyes.

    Mere curiosity: what did the early 18th C. flags look like?

  4. As Ronnie used to say, "You ain't seen nothing yet"! The Francophile style is in preparation.

    Funny you should mention the 1720 flags, they are a WIP. Much simpler and less interesting but I will prepare a posting concerning them.