Monday, 15 November 2010

Infanterie Regiment Nr.4 "von Standorf" 1740

When Graf von Wertheim recieved his posting to IR.2 "Markgräfin", command of IR.4 "Die Rosen" passed to Joachim, Ritter von Standorf - a cousin of Reichsfürstin Philippine.

Through his energetic command of IR.7, he has gained a great deal of military expertise.  He espouses a "fluid" and modern approach to warfare, sometimes to the displeasure of his tired men.  At Court, von Standorf is regarded as one of Beimbach-Schönau's most dashing Infantry commanders - a reputation he enjoys thoroughly.

The first of the Regiments to present a truly "textbook" appearance, IR.4 wears "Mustard Yellow" coats of the "German" style and the Grenadiers sport new-regulation fur caps complete with bag (striped with Pink and Gold)  IR.4 has a small quantity of "Schmetterling" guns distributed amongst the Battalions.  These are manned by Artillerists in old-style Tobacco Brown coats.

Inhaber: Joachim, Ritter von Standorf

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