Monday, 8 November 2010

The Army of Maximilian - Infantry Regiments 1740

Following the end of the recent War against the Turk, it was recognised that our army required modernisation.  Essentially unchanged in forty years, the military remained the child of Hubertus II and was rooted deeply in the military traditions of a bygone age.

After much debate within the deeply conservative Kriegskammer, it was decided that four main changes would be desirable.  At the insistence of Reichsfürst Maximilian, these measures were enacted with great speed.  The steps taken are as follows:

  • The creation of an independent massed artillery.  The Regiments were ordered to surrender all guns above 3lb to the central artillery park. Regiments that had "Galloper" or "Schmetterling" pieces have been allowed to retain them for close support purposes.
  • An increase in the number of Regiments.  The nine pre-existing formations have been expanded by five. These comprise; one Line Regiment,  two "Pandour" Regiments (former irregulars now incorporated into the standing army) and finally two "Foreign" Regiments.  This expansion is expected to be more than adequate for the immediate future.
  • The adoption of new uniforms.   Whilst retaining the traditional dark-yellow coats, the Colonels have been encouraged to adopt coats cut in contemporary styles*.  It is felt that these are more suited to modern warfare.  Additionally, the Regimental facing colours were "fixed" at this time to avoid future confusion.
  • Finally the formation of six dedicated "Jäger" battalions.  Recruited largely from game-keepers and frontiersmen these troopers are used to skirmish with enemy light-infantry and act as piquets for the encamped army.
It will be appreciated that such large-scale reorganisation cannot be effected immediately and at present the Army is in a transitional stage.   That said, Beimbach-Schönau is in a far stronger position now than five short years ago.

*A wide variety of styles has arisen as the Colonels have taken this opportunity to re-equip their men according to their whim.   Most notable amongst the changes has been the adoption of some rather unusual Grenadier caps and the use of coats of a decidedly "Gallic" flavour in some of the Regiments.

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